How does it work?

Perhaps many of you have wondered, how actually do work mechanisms in your veterans. Hereby we present the series of films from the thirties, which concern the vehicle mechanics issues. They are so celar and straight, that you will understand with absolutely no problem how does the differential in your motorcycle work.
Get yourself something to drink and some snacks, sit comfortably in your chair and watch. The time needed for that wont be wasted!

How Differential Steering Works

Original switch

The light switch is avaliable again (catalogue no. 3045)

It is a close copy of the original switch.

It matches perfectly the original headlamp. The plate profile fits the lamp profile.

The electrical clips are marked with convex numbers and properly connected.

The reflecting surface on the plate redirects the light of the position bulb to the openings in the speedometer.

The switch is hollow inside, the same as in the original.